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    The exposition of the solo musician reveals the artist's truth, muse and personal style.  With nothing other than a voice, guitar and clothed in song, Jesse is just Jesse

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     DAWNA began in the summer of 2018 when Jesse bribed his way into the hearts of the power trio The High Definitions and keyboardist Ryan Paradise.  The HiDefs magical talents and their all around coolness really sock it to ya.    DAWNA spends quality time exploring new music to unearth creative and unique stylizations of modern music. 

John Coale- Drums/Vocals,

James Eager- Bass/Vocals,

Nick Kurth- Guitar God/Vocal Vampire,

Ryan Paradise- Keys

The spikedrivers


              Jesse and Steven Fox started the Spikedrivers in 2003.  For almost 2 decades the Spikedrivers have been a staple on the Ohio music scene.  They bring positively high energy that pours out from the stage and soaks their audiences in transencendental bliss.  Improvisation and spontaneity rouse their Live Rockin' Honky Tonk Blues performances.

Nathan Andes- Drums/Vocals

Steven Fox- Bass/Vocals

Adam Schlenker- Electric Guitar

Honorary Spikedrivers

Megan Palmer- Vocals/Fiddle

Paul Brown- Guitar

Joe "Blow" Crump- Tenor Sax

Tom Petty


album Band


"WildFlowers" is a masterpiece. 

Jesse orchestrated a group of

musicians who love Tom Petty.  Each year, the Wednesday before Thanksgiving at Rumba Cafe, Jesse and the WildFlowers Band honor Tom Petty by performing the entire album.

Jimmmy Castoe - Drums

Ryan Paradise - Keys

Jeff Passifiume - Guitar

David Vaubel - Bass



"cure for pain" album Band


Jesse has a degree from Bethel

College,KS in Jazz Saxophone. 

He listened to a lot of sax music while focusing on his degree, it wasn't until the late 90's that he encountered the Morphine sound.  Jesse considers "Cure for Pain" his favorite album and his group plays the hell out of it.  Audiences are often skeptical that few musicians can adequately give Musical and Emotional justice to Morphine, but this quartet loves the music and they pay homage to the low sound of Morphine.

Maxwell Button- Drums, Guitar, Vocal

Fred Gablick- Baritone Saxophone

Jesse Henry- Vocals, Saxophone, Guitar, Keys

Jeff Wiseman- 2 string electric slide bass guitar





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            Jesse writes a lot of music, he has always enjoyed working with a variety of musicians.  His "Acoustic" project brings musical friends together that normally do not get to make music together.  This group consists of musicians from Columbus, Akron, and Nashville.  Megan Palmer and Jesse have been playing music together since 1996.  They have an very cool energy when they perform and create together.  In late Sept. 2019 Jesse traveled to Nashville to arrange 6 songs with Megan.  He had no idea what she would do, she kicked ass and transformed the songs from just small song sketches to beautifully arrangements and melodic lines that will get stuck in your head.





Jeff Ciampa- Bass

Eric Diaz- Drums

Jesse Henry- Guitars, Lead Vocals

Megan Palmer- Keys, Violin, Vocals

David Vaubel- Lap Steel, Tenor Banjo, Telecaster, Vocals

Caleb Powers- Fiddle, Mandolin, Vocals

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