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    Jesse Henry started playing music when he was 6 years old.  He grew up in Bluffton Ohio and spent his early years roaming Newton, KS.  His grandmother talked him into going to her alma matter Bethel College, a small school, with mostly smart people in the plains.

    Jesse currently studies and writes music in Columbus and Athens Ohio.  He has fronted the Spikedrivers since 2003, played and recorded with 100's of musicians.  His latest  musical adventure is teamed up with the cool and talented High Definitions and keyboardist Ryan Paradise to form DAWNA. 


     While not on stage or working on his own music Jesse teaches guitar and piano and is the Music Director of the Kirk Horn Music Fund, a non-profit that provides free music lessons for elementary-high school students in Central Ohio.

      Jesse wrote a 3-part guitar method book for kids, The Color String Guitar Method.



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