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KHMF Logo.png

Kirk Horn

Music Fund


     Jesse has been the Music Director of the Kirk Horn Music Fund since early 2018.  The KHMF provides high quality music lessons (Guitar, Bass, Drums, Songwriting) at 2 Boys and Girls Clubs of Columbus, OH.  Each year he helps organize a big motherFUNder of a concert called Kirk's Concert.  

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     Jesse produced CAAMP's first self-titled Album.  Within weeks of it's introduction the album had received many accolades and support. Taylor's songs and voice are magnificent and Evan's banjo playing is super cool. Jesse is very pleased with the album and had a great time working on it.




       Stephanie Jeffreys is one of Jesse's favorite songwriters and singers ever!!  Jesse and Steph met over a decade ago and have been close friends ever since.  When she sent over a few songs for Jesse to listen to, he immediately said " Hey Steph, it's time to get your ass into the studio."  Steph's first album working with Jesse is full of brilliantly written songs and complimented with musicians that pull the every emotion possibly from the songs.  

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